Acrobat X Pro: PDF Flattener Preview bug workaround

Tried to outline fonts inside Illustrator and the PDF exported shows random distortions like wider Ls here and there. If we export the file as a PDF with the fonts as is, there are no issues.

However, have encountered printers who have problems viewing common fonts. So it is a must to ensure fonts are outlined.

Solution: use PDF Flattener within Acrobat X Pro.

BUT there is a bug.

If the fonts used are not “perfect”, the Flattener Preview is unable to outline the fonts.

See solution:

As a workaround, inside Acrobat
1) Go to Tools (top right corner) > Pages > Add a watermark like a ‘full stop’ to the PDF. Size it down small. Choose 0% Opacity. Click OK.

2) Add the Print Production menu to Tools if it is not enabled by default. Click on the tiny menu list icon under Tools (right)

3) Go to Print Production > Flattener Preview and Tick Convert all text to outlines and convert all strokes to outlines. Then apply to all pages in the document and SAVE the PDF.

4) Final check, view file properties to see if all the fonts are removed.

Joy 🙂

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