Prestashop 1.7: Smarty error blank page on front end if adding new language manually

Error: When adding a new language in the backend (localization->languages), there is no option to enter the locale, resulting in an empty locale field in the table ps_lang.
This results in a smarty error on frontend when selecting the new language:
SmartyException in smarty_internal_templatebase.php line 129:
Unable to load template file ‘\index.tpl’ {code}

User’s suggested solution:
As soon as I manually add a locale in the database, the error goes away.
Table: ps_lang
Add the missing locale to the table

Normally adding/importing a new language should go to: Translation > Add/Update a new language (or through the localization page)
But there are times when languages may be required to be added manually and this causes the issue.

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