Prestashop: remove google maps from order page in backoffice

Put the modified file in the override/controllers/admin
After that, you need to trigger the regeneration of the /cache/class_index.php file. This is done simply by deleting the file. It is the same when manually removing an override: in order to reinstate the default behavior, you must delete the /cache/class_index.php file.

QN: Anyone know the best way to remove the google maps module lookup for the customers address in the order page in 1.6. Or a way to remove google maps all together from prestashop. We have a user in china that cannot access the order page whenever the china government tries to block google and its services (they do that every time something sensitive comes up in western news).


find and then comment out as follows:

public function setMedia()

// $this->addJS(‘’);

if ($this->tabAccess[‘edit’] == 1 && $this->display == ‘view’)

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