Prestashop: Warehouse theme mobile menu disable link on category parent

File edits are uploaded on:

1) modules/iqitmegamenu/iqitmegamenu.php
changed private function generateCategoriesMenu($categories, $depth_limit, $depth = 0) to
protected function generateCategoriesMenu($categories, $depth_limit, $depth = 0)

Overrides do not work on private functions. Could have just edited the whole file but did this for future reference.

2) override/modules/iqitmegamenu/iqitmegamenu.php

3) themes/warehouse/js/modules/iqitmegamenu/js/mlpushmenu.js
comment out the script that prepends responsiveInykator to the div
comment out the script that changes + to –
leave this as standalone so that the submenu shows when tapped on $(this).parent().children(‘ul’).slideToggle(300);

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